Stray Jewelry in Need of a Home Collection

The Stray Jewelry in Need of a Good Home Collection isn't really a collection at all. These are random pieces, hence the name Stray. Among these pieces you will find items that were part of a collection that's been split up, some are experimental designs, and many are things I created on a whim. Most of these pieces coordinate nicely with my other collections, and many are One Of A Kind (OOAK).

During my 30 year career in veterinary medicine I've had the pleasure of working closely with several pet rescues and local shelters, and the special human beings that make them possible.

Since all strays need a helping hand, 20% of each sale from this collection will go toward spaying and neutering, and helping sick or injured pets. For more information, check out the Humane Society of Parkersburg                               

  Beagle puppies