My Story

Close your eyes… imagine your special place. It may be your secret hiding place in the yard of your childhood home, the place you went on the best vacation ever the summer between fifth and sixth grade, or even a place in time. Chances are, that image is a cherished, precious memory.

I believe there are those of us that grew up in a simpler time before cell phones and Facebook. We respected our parents, listened to them, learned from them… those memories are unspoiled and idyllic.

Those childhood memories are priceless, especially since losing both my parents to Alzheimer’s Disease-those memories are my Roots. That’s why I create original, mountain inspired fine and sterling silver artisan jewelry… to take me back to that special place in time. Come along for the ride!

My Story

I’m a wanderer - I love to wander in the woods, I have my entire life. I’m a hunter - I hunt for beauty and texture and inspiration. I’m a gatherer for as long as I can remember my eyes have scoured the ground for treasures. I’m a maker - I love to experiment with these treasures, transform them into precious metal organic luxury, a wearable walk in the of course! 

My name is Ann, and in addition to all of the above, I’m a self-taught metalsmith, an artist, a dreamer, a mom, a hippie goddess, a scientist and a professional. Some of these things aren’t like the others, right? But that’s just it… none of us are just one person, we are many different people in the course of a day, and the root of who we are, our essence, our presence, our very being, is our memories.

My favorite memories include magical summers spent riding my pony, camping in the mountains with Mom and Dad, and getting into mischief with my best friends, who are still my BFF’s some 40+ years later!

Me and Twinkie

Sometimes I think my life is pretty boring, but when I try to put it all down on paper, I realize I’ve had a varied and non-conventional life. I’ve worked in veterinary medicine for almost 30 years, I play with fire, I fly on a half-ton horse, I’ve panned for gold (and found some!), I’ve loved and lost, I’ve kissed a Lynx on the lips and I’ve hugged a lion. Guess that’s not so boring after all.  My mantra? Go outside and do something you’ll remember  

I’m blessed to live in the Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia woods, where I find much of my inspiration and materials. I also happen to have a BS in Business Administration, I'm a member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society and a juried Tamarack Artisan.

Do you have a cherished memory you'd like to see come to life? Give me a shout and lets see what we can come up with!  


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