2018 Holiday Handmade Event with Stephanie Gagos live on FaceBook. 

Two whole weeks featuring 25 amazing artists in every medium imaginable: jewelry, sculpture, oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, you name it! 
The first week is November 12th through 19th, and the second week is November 28th through December 7th with an intermission for Thanksgiving 11/19 - 11/28 🦃 
This is THE opportunity to find the perfect one of a kind gift for that special someone.  By invitation only! There will also be a wrap party at the end of each week with GIVEAWAYS!!!
To attend the event, simply follow this link and click "Going."  

The 2018 Holiday Handmade Event operates much like an auction. Fans of my work will see some familiar pieces as well as some new items, The advantage in attending an event like this is that beginning bids start out much lower than my typical retail price, so if you pay particular attention to closing times, you have a great opportunity to get your favorite piece at a significant savings, but you have to be QUICK!  And remember, holiday shopping season is upon us. All my items come beautifully packaged ready for giving, and wouldn’t it feel so good to get some of that shopping out of the way?

  • Each day there will be 1 -2 designers. Dates for each artist are a surprise.
  •  The first auction will begin Monday, November 12 at Noon EST (the first day), until 11:30am EST the following day.
  •  The next designer(s) auction will begin at 1:00pm EST Tuesday, November 13 until 11:30am Wednesday and so on until all designers’ items have been featured. Each designer will have approximately 15 – 30 pieces up for auction.
  • Stephanie will post items throughout the day and it usually take a few hours if there are a lot of items. I will be available live all that day to answer any questions you may have.
  • I know your time is valuable, and since I don’t know what order Stephanie will post my items, if you have your heart set on a particular item, just message me on Facebook and I can tag you when it goes live. To save a particular post, simply right click on the 3 little dots in the upper right corner, and then you can easily find that post in your FB saved items. 
  •  “Auction” Items – items that are available to bid on will say “Auction” in the heading. Occasionally, Stephanie will offer an item with a “Buy it Now” (BIN) price, but I have no idea what items those may be.
  •  CLOSING TIME – you may want to make a note on a particular piece to write down the ending time on an item you’ve bid on. All pieces end at different times and all times are EST.
  •  PLACING A BID: Bidding is in increments of $5 or more. BID RIGHT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE PIECE YOU WANT TO BID ON! Look at the starting bid, check if there is a starting bid. If there is, go higher. If there isn’t a bid, you may place your bid at the starting price or go higher. If that piece has a BIN price, you may choose that option and it’s yours immediately!
  •  US SHIPPING: $10.00 (includes tracking and insurance). International customers please
I will be adding a catalog of my items soon, so check back often!