Fun Facts About Silver

Silver is much more than that pretty white metal in your jewelry are some fun facts about silver that you may not know:

  • Silver was mentioned in the Book of Genesis.
  • The first evidence of silver mining dates back to 3000 BC in Turkey and Greece. 
  • The world's largest silver mine today is in Penasquito, located in the north-eastern part of the State of Zacatecas, Mexico. 
  • The British monetary unit "£“ (pound) was originally the value of a pound of sterling silver.
  • Paul Revere was a silversmith and used sterling silver to make his famous teapotsPaul-Revere-Silver-Teapot
  •  Silver has been used to prevent the infection of injuries for hundreds of years. 
  • Silver is used in many medical applications today, especially as a dressing for burns. 
  • Silver is used in long life batteries. Billions of silver oxide-zinc batteries are in use everyday powering everything from quartz watches to digital cameras. 
  • Microscopic silver is being put into paper used in the medical profession because of its antibiotic-like characteristics. 
  • Silver is used in electronics, solar panels, nuclear energy, the manufacture of plastics, auto and airplane engine components, and many, many other industries. 
    • Its high luster and reflectivity make it perfect mirrors. 
    • Since silver is the most versatile of all the metals and demand is at an all time high, experts predict that by 2030 Earth’s supply of silver will be depleted. 

    I’m not sure if that date is accurate, but being an element, there is only a finite amount of silver, and when it is gone, you can be assured that that silver in your jewelry box will be exponentially more valuable.

    What better time to invest in that pair of earrings!