Vintage Canadian Penny Earrings

Canadian Penny Earrings 1960 ~ 1968

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The Canadian penny is an extinct species. The very last Canadian penny was minted in Winnipeg May 4, 2012.  The first Canadian pennies were minted at the Royal Mint in Great Britain, and featured Queen Victoria's profile on the "heads" side, and maple leaves and vines on the "tails' side.  So while these may not be.  the oldest pennies in the my line, they certainly are some of the most collectible. 

Of course this pair features Queen Elizabeth's portrait, still has the beautiful maple leaf design, and has the most lovely patina. 

  • Pennies measure .¾” in diameter
  • Hang 1 ¾” from handcrafted Sterling Silver ear wires

Your earrings will arrive beautifully packaged ready for in a giving in a recycled, reusable gift box with a West Virginia mountain surprise.