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Earrings - Augusta Angeline Jewelry
Earrings - Augusta Angeline Jewelry

Hemlock Earrings

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When I was a kid we would stop at a a West Virginia State Park called Cathedral. It's the state's oldest large growth virgin forest and is designated as a National Natural Landmark. There are Hemlock trees 90 feet tall and 16 feet in diameter.

 One of my favorite childhood memories are the cones from the hemlock trees. As an adult, it fascinates me that a tree so big has cones so tiny. As a child, however, I thought those cones were made just for me, there are also pine and spruce trees there, and I thought there were Mommy cones, and Daddy cones and tiny little baby cones just for me! 

Today, I am blessed to live in the woods, and right in front of my house are 2 very large hemlock trees, 40-50 feet tall and probably 6 feet in diameter.  My front yard is covered in tiny hemlock cones.

I still smile every time I pick one up. 

  • Fine Silver Hemlock Cones measure 1" long x .5" wide
  • They hang from handmade Sterling Silver Ear Wires