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Mercury Dime Earrings 1943 ~ 1939

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For these fabulous earrings, I’ve hammered two US Winged Mercury Dimes.  Mercury dimes were designed in 1916 by Adoph Weinman, and were in circulation until 1945.

The Roman God Mercury was a messenger, and the god of trade and commerce.

What a cool way to bridge the gap of history between our Greatest Generation…our WWII Grandparents, and our forever text messaging youth of today!  Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but they still look great!

This particular pair are dated 1943 and 1939. The hammered edges catch the light like diamond cutting. The dimes have been slightly domed and are oxidized to bring out the texture and design.  Silver content in these dimes is 90%. 

  • They hang from handcrafted and polished Sterling Silver ear wires
  • Measure 1 ¼” long,  ¾” wide. 

Your earrings will arrive ready for giving in a beautiful recycled, reusable gift box with a West Virginia Mountain surprise.