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Trilobite Slide Necklace

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The very first piece of fabricated sterling jewelry I ever made way back in 1990 was a trilobite pendant. I still wear it often. Fossils hold a special place in my heart, and trilobites are one of my favorites.

This is a 525 million year old Elrathia kingi trilobite from Utah. These creatures were abundant during the Middle Cambrian Period when no life existed on land, only in water. What is now North America was a warm tropical climate on a super paleo-continent named Laurentia, which also included Greenland.  This pendant is the ultimate antique!

  • Trilobite pendant set in Sterling Silver measures 1" wide  x 1 ¼" tall
  • Hangs 18" from a double strand black leather necklace woven into a Celtic diamond knot
  • Closes with a handcrafted sterling silver hook and eye clasp
As always, your necklace will arrive ready for giving in a recycled, reusable gift box with a West Virginia mountain surprise.