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Wheat Penny Earrings 1916 ~1917

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Do you closely inspect your coins when you get change? Isn’t it fun when you get a cool old coin, like a wheat penny? I love to check out my change. I have $100 worth of Bicentennial quarters, but that’s another story. Wheat pennies were first commissioned by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1909. The artist’s name was Victor David Brenner. They were minted until 1958.

For these 1916 and 1917 pennies,  I’ve  hammered along the edges for a light catching effect.  Sort of looks like they’ve been diamond cut.  Then I dapped them for a slightly domed effect.  The pennies definitely show signs of wear, but they're over 100 years old! 

  • Pennies measure ¾” diameter
  • Dangle 1 ¼ ” from handcrafted Copper ear wires
  • Sterling Silver ear wires available 
  • As with all copper, these pennies will patina with time. 

As always, your earrings will arrive ready for in a giving in a beautiful recycled, reusable gift box with a West Virginia mountain surprise